Berlitz English 9-10: Online Practice

As part of our English 9-10 courses (CEFR C1/C2), we decided to reimagine our online practice activities, asking learners to move beyond the “what” of language to explore the “how” and “why.” Each unit included:

  1. Fauxthentic media – A realistic central document (video, audio, or text) inspired by authentic media
  2. Challenging questions – Comprehension and language questions requiring learners to make deep inferences and analyze linguistic and cultural nuances
  3. Call to Action – An opportunity for relevant and personalized real-world application

I led all aspects of the design and development of this project, including the initial brainstorming, management of creative writers, script and question revision, and multimedia production.

The video production was particularly challenging, as I worked at distance with over 40 actors from 18 different countries to coordinate the filming of ~30 videos. From there, I did all of the audio and video editing. Below is a “super cut” of many of these videos, highlighting some of the diversity of contexts and topics covered in these courses.