FrançaisMon GO (Fall 2016)

The project that started it all! Launched in November 2016, the original FrançaisMon GO was a QR Scavenger Hunt activity themed around the popular app, Pokémon GO. Designed as an end-of-term review for my FRE1120 and FRE1121 courses, it was also playable by anyone on Broward College Central Campus.

Key Elements

  • Decipher clues to the location of hidden ProfStops!
  • Complete a variety of digital activities to save kidnapped Pokémon and retrieve secret codes!
  • Collect and assemble all of the codes to access Team Rocket’s Headquarters!
  • Face off against the Team Rocket boss to save the legendary Pokémon!

L’aventure commence!

Your adventure starts here! Find out how our story begins and prepare to save the day!

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All of the clues are conveniently compiled into this handy device!



Have any questions? Check out this comprehensive guide to help you on your quest!

Instructor Guide

Interested in having your class participate?
Want to know more about the individual activities?
Look no further!

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Behind the Scenes

See how this activity was created and learn about launching one of your own!


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