Category: DMDL Thesis

M4 – Ideation & Design Rationale

Design Analysis Heidi Nicolas Learners ~70 American high school students French 1-5 Varying abilities/motivation within a course and between sections of the same course ~20 French high school students Content 6 units per course French 1 redone to align with ACTFL standards; Others coming… Continue Reading “M4 – Ideation & Design Rationale”

M3 – Literature Review

In a 2007 report, the Modern Language Association (MLA) remarked that “deep cultural knowledge and linguistic competence are equally necessary if one wishes to understand people and their communities” (p. 2) and that the goal of foreign language instruction should be to produce “educated… Continue Reading “M3 – Literature Review”

M2 – Project Plan

Design Process Throughout my teaching career, my design process for instructional delivery, classroom activities, and learning tasks has never followed one specific model, but instead could be mapped onto a variety of them. This project draws on these models for the: evaluation of classroom technology… Continue Reading “M2 – Project Plan”

M1 – Early Ideas

Curricular Technology Integration: Immersive Virtual Reality in a Telecollaboration Program Background & Rationale There is a push for intercultural competence as a pillar of world language courses (The National Standards Collaborative Board, 2015), but much of its manifestation is limited to one-sided experiences with… Continue Reading “M1 – Early Ideas”