Carapuce (1121)


La Team Rocket a capturé Carapuce!

Pour sauver le pauvre Pokémon…

1. Take a picture of your surroundings. Make it good!

2. Turn your photo into a postcard! Choose someone to send it to (un destinateur) and write them a brief message. It can be personal or perhaps a general advertisement for Broward College.


3. Share your postcard with Prof Trent! You can:

  • upload your file(s) to D2L, or
  • email them to

(Optional) If you’d like, share your postcard photo on social media! If you can, write a simple French caption. For Twitter, tag @TrentHoy and @BrowardCollege. For Instagram, tag @ProfTrent and use the hashtags #BrowardCollege and #ProfTrent. (If your account is private, then send it as a direct message.)

4. When you’re finished, be sure to submit, then click here!

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