ProfStop 3: Team Valor


Char! Char!

(That’s Charmander-speak for “I kept saying my name, but the staff didn’t ever say theirs!”)

Char! Char!

(That’s Charmander-speak for “Here! Take this Collaboration Badge!)


More than simply socializing or competing, players need to work together to solve problems. In a game setting, this problem is often of epic scale: The world will be destroyed! The princess has been captured! It cannot be resolved by one individual, but requires the collaborative efforts of many players. They need to pool knowledge, resources, and expertise in order to overcome the challenges, thus the success of one player aids, rather than harms the success of others. Even in single-player games, people collaborate asynchronously with game guides and discussion forums. Connect the end goal of a game to the “epic meaning” of your course to necessitate group problem solving!

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