FrançaisMon GO players each belong to one of three teams, depending on their personality. To determine your team, all you need is a PokéScanner! Don’t have one? A web version is in the works, so for now, learn a little bit more about each team.

You can also see the results from the latest competition! Which one reigned victorious by earning the most points while rescuing Pokémon? Did your favorite win? Maybe next time the results will be different…


Team Instinct

Relying on intuition, members of Team Instinct are quick to take action. Exceptionally perceptive, their hunches are rarely wrong! Often spontaneous, they are an entertaining addition to every party.


Team Mystic

Calm and analytical, Team Mystic prefers to carefully calculate the best approaches to tackling a challenge. Their raw intelligence coupled with contemplative wisdom makes them a valuable asset to any party.


Team Valor

Hard-working and driven, trainers on Team Valor are passionate about their work. Their courage and strength makes them indispensable for any party looking to face off with likes of Team Rocket.

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