ProfStop 1: Team Instinct


Bulba! Bulba!

(That’s Bulbasaur-speak for, “Why sit off the ground?!”)


(That’s Bulbasaur-speak for, “Humans are strange. I found this too. Guess I don’t need it. Here, you can have it.”)

It may not be worth much to him, but you’re excited to receive this Control Badge.


A goal for many classrooms is a student-centered approach. The instructor does not lead, but rather facilitates student learning. Games do the same thing by granting players control of their own actions and destiny. Their progress is self-paced and they can choose how and when to tackle certain objectives. This freedom allows players to explore, discover, and learn on their own terms. It also comes with the potential for failure, an unpleasant, yet necessary component of the learning process. By letting students take charge, we foster autonomous, engaged learners who will continue to seek knowledge outside of the classroom and after our courses.

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