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Gotta catch ’em all! What Pokémon GO can teach us about designing innovative, collaborative activities

Professional Development Day 2017, Broward College

     FrançaisMon GO is a QR Scavenger Hunt activity themed around the popular app, Pokémon GO. Created specifically for my French 1120 and 1121 classes, it ran for two weeks in Fall 2016 with great success!

     To inspire other instructors to create similar experiences for their students, this special version of FrançaisMon GO was designed for Broward College’s 2017 Professional Development Day. The modified web edition is set up to let you experience the session activities as well as help you create your own epic adventure!

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PDD Session

Did you miss the session or simply want to relive the experience? Look no further! Here’ll you find a copy of the PowerPoint and direct access to the ProfStops!

 Available February 25, 2017!

Behind the Scenes

Want to know how FrançaisMon GO is set up? I’ve put together this guide to show you what I did and give some tips on setting up similar activities.

Gamification Resources

Interested in learning more about how to gamify your classroom? Here are some infographics, articles, and video clips to provide information and inspiration!

 Available February 25, 2017!
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