ProfStop (007)


carapuce-captured  La Team Rocket a capturé Carapuce!

Pour sauver le pauvre Pokémon…

1. Have a selfie battle! As a group, create three sentences to serve as captions. Use the verbs below (or any others from this chapter) and choose a different one for each sentence. Be creative and try to incorporate both old and new vocabulary.

  • dire
  • écrire
  • lire
  • mettre (and similar verbs)
  • appeler
  • téléphoner
  • composer (le numéro)
  • envoyer
  • télécharger
  • surfer (le Web, sur Internet)
  • voir
  • croire
  • recevoir

2. Take a photo to accompany each sentence. Everyone doesn’t have to appear in each photo, but each group member should be in at least one picture.

3. Once you’ve created your photos and captions, email them to ProfTrent!

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